Siteo connect parents with babysitters & nannies by few clicks, Parents can set sitter’s search criteria and the system connects them to the nearest & available sitter. It’s safe for parents and sitters, as parents can know all the information about sitters before requesting and sitter can know parents’ rate before accept their request.

Setio allows the parents to request services from babysitters registered at the system as qualified service providers. The system will give the customer fast access for requesting babysitters from anywhere, anytime, and no need to ask others for a babysitter. Setio gives the parents a variety of choices in selecting the proper babysitter for their needs with no headache of the babysitters lack of experience, high costs, and the latency in appointments. Setio gives the parents the ability to change the babysitter in case they change their mind or in case the babysitter does not arrive. The system gives the parents the ability to evaluate the babysitter.

Setio allows Babysitters to provide their services is an easy, fast, and efficient way. The system allows them to manage their work and organize parent’s requests and got accessed easily by service consumers. Setio is a platform to facilitate, organize, promote, and manage their work. Setio will be able to find more opportunities in multiple regions. It will be more confident about the parents as they will be rated. Babysitters also will be rated, So professional Babysitters will have more opportunities to be selected by customers as the Babysitters with low rate will be neglected by customers. Setio allows babysitters to send help desk tickets to the service administrator to update or change information registered at orders requested.